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The Importance of a Quality Prospecting File and KPI's
With Enzo Luciano

Dive into the heart of quality data and discover how good KPIs can revolutionize your prospecting. Enzo Luciano reveals the challenges and strategies for meticulous and effective follow-up.

How do you create an effective pitch?
With Enzo Colucci

Discover the infallible techniques to captivate from the first sentence and turn your calls into opportunities. Enzo Colucci shares his tips for avoiding the classic pitfalls of cold calling and adapting your message to perfection.

30-Minute Cold Call Strategy
With Augustin Tonnel

Master the rapid implementation of a cold calling strategy thanks to a method structured in four key steps. Augustin Tonnel guides you towards defining your target and creating an irreproachable script.

The Mindset of a High-Performance SDR/BDR
With Alexandre Jabot

Alexandre Jabot shows you how to keep your energy on top throughout your call sessions and the importance of posture in your daily success.

Appointment Scheduling Made Easy
With Maxime Pari

Learn how to turn simplicity into the key to success. Maxime Pari teaches you the techniques to stand out from the crowd and cause the “wow” effect from the first seconds of the call.

Excel during a Discovery Call
With Guillaume Albisetti

Differentiate cold calls from discovery calls and learn how to choose the best approach with the right tools for effective and impactful calls in 15 minutes.

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Want toLearn more on Starleads?

Prequalification of prospecting files:
At Starleads, our mission is to optimize commercial performance through innovative technological solutions. Until now, our main service has been a revolutionary SaaS tool for cold calling professionals. This solution made it possible to considerably improve the quality of salespeople's data, to increase their dropout rate in telephone prospecting, and to prioritize calls on truly qualified leads. We intervene in the prospecting process between the creation of the prospect file and the initiation of calls, thus ensuring the verification and overqualification of the prospecting files.

Treatment of incoming leads:
Today, Starleads is ready to take the next step. We are launching an innovative product dedicated to the management of incoming leads: a telephone robot, a virtual agent capable of processing and pre-qualifying these leads. The main challenge with incoming leads is their varying quality — often with few or no qualifications. A lot of commercial time is lost dealing with these leads, which are ultimately not very interesting. Our new solution addresses this problem by automating the qualification process beforehand. Businesses will be able to customize their bot, programming questions specific to their domain and products for effective pre-qualification. In this way, only the most relevant leads will be sent to sales representatives, which will save time and increase the chances of conversion.In conclusion, Starleads is committed to offering continuous added value to its customers. By complementing our existing offering with this new service for incoming leads, we are marking our position as a leader in the innovation of sales tools, continuing to revolutionize business practices for the success of our customers.

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